I’m My Own Best Friend

By now you must be thinking that the title of this post is wrong, right? When I was 20 something I used to hear this song and sing it out loud with a good friend of mine. Boy we used to have a good time just by driving around the city and enjoying our time together… The irony was that both of us, me and friend, were struggling with our lives – trying to find the right “boyfriend”, the right job, the right… US! I can’t talk about my friend’s feelings, but I can share mine:

Back then, like the song, I was really trying to be “somebody else.” Do you know that feeling? When you don’t accept yourself the way you are? When you think that everybody else is better, prettier, smarter, thiner, richer and fun than you. Well, for sure there were a lot of people like that around me, but by not loving and approving of myself I let those negative thoughts invade my life and design my feelings. By having all those “saboteurs thoughts” I started believing them and actually I can’t say when exactly it all started… I guess we take the things we’ve heard from our parents when we were young, or we take the things we’ve heard during our infancy too seriously. So then we grow up and those phrases messes with our natural insecurities when we were teenagers and when you see it’s there – telling bad things about yourself that aren’t necessarily true. The thing is: day after day if you say bad things to yourself one day it becomes your reality so then your body starts to suffer the consequences of your mental patterns. This way you can start developing real pain and even illness. Isn’t it crazy? Who would’ve thought about that?

The good news is that there’s many people around the world studying how our thoughts can design our own perceptions and therefore our bodies and our lives. My favorite author of all times is called Louise L. Hay and this amazing woman is turning 90 years this year (2016). During her childhood and on her youth Louise faced all kinds of physical abuse and abandonment; she could have remained in pain and suffering through her life but instead she started studying the human brain and how to change our mental patterns. By doing powerful affirmations she says You Can Heal Your Life And you know what? You really can. I applied her method in me and it worked out amazingly. One day I started repeating to myself one of her powerful affirmations: – I love and approve of myself. I am safe. And just by doing that something wonderful started happening to me – besides of all my “defects” I actually started loving and approving of myself. How cool is that?

Once you acknowledge your saboteurs – the thoughts you have that say you are not good enough and that you don’t belong, you can promptly regain your inner power and come up with your own powerful affirmations. And it works wonders for you, trust me! By now I don’t wanna be nobody else but me. I accept my imperfections (cause in reality I can’t change them) and I’m really ok with that. I know I’m the best version of myself and I couldn’t be happier with WHO I AM. Honestly you don’t loose anything once you start saying good things to yourself. Just give it a try. I can say it’s a matter of time till you align your mental patterns with your words and actions, and when you get there is where the magic happens. Start today!

I love and approve of myself. All is well in my world. (Repeat it as many times you can day after day till it becomes your reality).

I really hope you start doing that and accept yourself the way you are.

Make this an amazing day!

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