What is your door?


On Saturday, October 8th, I went to the Convention Center in San Diego to a very special occasion. Louise Hay's 90th B-day celebration is still vibrating on my mind. Among the commercial aspect of the event, there were quite a few unique moments I'd like to share with you. One of them was presented by Robert Holden. Robert shared a story that happened with him and for sure could have happened to each one of us.

Do you know when you start to open up for life and suddenly you begin to get messages from the Universe, God or whatever it is that you believe? Some people call it coincidence, I call it a big subtle smack on your face. Every time our mind gets polluted by annoying thoughts, if you're willing to find an answer or a way for your life, the answer will be just in front of you, or better saying inside of you. But how can you recognize those signals? I wanna tell you my story.

About two weeks ago more or less I was at home and suddenly I started to be attacked by all kinds of negative thoughts, and they were all against me of course. You know those kinds of thoughts that bring you fear, insecurity, anxiety, shame, loneliness and sadness? Man… it's rough. If you give them attention and a meaning, they can really ruin your life for good. It was like a meteor rain on my mind and I couldn't recognize where they were coming from or the reason behind them. Out of nowhere (in my mind) I saw the image of a Lion running towards me (just for the record I wasn't high). The lion was running in my direction and he seemed to be calm, but still strong with a placid expression. If this story appears to be too crazy for you, I'd like to say that it was even crazier for me and it just gets better.

In a situation like that what would you do? I was like "what does a Lion has to do with all this thoughts?" so I did what everybody else in this planet would do – I've decided to Google the Lion(!) No BS, and there it was – a huge strong and powerful picture of The Lion of Judah, a.k.a. Jesus Christ. I just want to make sure you know I'm not Catholic, Christian or Jew. So it was a really good way to understand that whenever you're deeply connected with a positive feeling inside of your heart, there will be this amazing energy vibrating for you.

I don't even have to say that those thoughts disappeared, right? And every time they try to come back, I remember that beautiful and peaceful Lion running towards me. So as I was saying, during Robert Holden's speech, he shared his story and left us with a question: -"What's your door?" –  in other words – What frees your mind? What makes you stronger? What makes you believe on your own path?


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