A Body In Motion Stays In Motion


The other day I was chatting to a friend of mine when suddenly he said something that rang the bells in my mind. After months living on the mountains, far from the heat and the active life of San Diego, he's finally back to his home town. It is true that a good weather helps us workout more often that means going for a hike, a walk or a bike ride. But we can say that the majority of the people nowadays is too busy working extra hours seated in front of their computers and it really doesn't matter what type of weather they won't workout like they should.

If you are in this category of people I can only encourage you to start practicing a physical activity a.s.ap.. You don't need to sign up for a Crossfit boot camp right away; how about taking 15 minutes of your day to start stretching or maybe going for a walk?
Just by moving your body and releasing the tension between joints and muscles it is a good start already. You can always stretch at home or you can choose a type of training that you like. Day after day this simple practice can improve your habits and once you realize your body will be asking for more – "A body in motion stays in motion" - that means your metabolism keeps working even after training. Isn't it great? So here's the deal, first of all in order to change your habits you have to understand your body's needs.

My good friend and personal trainer, Pedro Brandão*, has a broaden view of physical activities, he says that "everything that changes our behavior consequently affects the way we move." He also explains that "the more we adhere to the modern life habits, the more we lose the ability or the capacity to move around." Based on his studies and professional background the logic behind every new training should be: assessing, rectifying and then strengthening, not the opposite.

For Brandão "It's more rewarding to practice activities that help us move our whole body integrally than targeting only one group of muscles." And he adds "When in doubt, it's better asking for professional support to help you recognize your body's needs, and not only doing what is trendy. Our daily life has changed our habits. Our habits has changed the way we move and the same happened to our posture. If we wanna have long lasting results we need to assess and workout accordingly to our needs on an integrative and safe way."


* Pedro Brandão works as a personal trainer at Reebok Sports Club in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and also at Evest Saúde. If you wanna know more about his work, take a look at his Instagram @pedroalexandre or visit evestsaude.com.br.

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