Image Addiction – Part II

“The real us is pure love and pure light, he said.”
(Dom Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements).

Continuing the last post Image Addiction – Part I (please read that post before this one) my thoughts on the “smoke” like it was described on the book above is that although we seem to be more obsessed with our self-image like in any other decade before, in my humble opinion that behaviour actually reflects our desperate need or our eagerness to hear, to touch, to feel, to listen, to have a proof that God really exists. How does that sound for you? Kinda weird, right?

I know I’m touching a sensitive point here, but all the technology in the world and the advances in the science field weren’t able to diminish our inherited discomfort, our anxiety, and our doubts whether there is a God, life after death, or what is this feeling of emptiness that’s been felt since we become know as “a modern society.” Do you feel that too? What could possibly explain the increasing number of suicide attempts in many different countries nowadays? Some of the celebrities we know that suicided had families, so the feeling of loneliness might not fit to our thoughts on this journal.

It seems that the only thing that actually had advanced in our society was the technology when it comes to cars, gadgets, electronics, construction and stuff, on the other hand us – as human beings, we’re still asking ourselves the same questions we used to do many centuries ago – Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life? Does God exist? And if there is a God, why do so many people are in need?

It’s funny to think that even without our so called technology the ancient civilisations seemed to have everything that the modern society lacks. One of these things is called Faith. That small and humble word means a lot to our existence as human beings, without faith there is no place for hope, goodwill, trust, courage, there’s no place for creativity, there’s no place for love and therefore there’s no place for Life.

So how can we possibly talk about “evolution” if we think and behave in a way that shuts down or erase a big part of ourselves that is our Spirit. And I’m not talking about religion here, I’m talking about Spirituality, which is a totally different approach.

How can we possibly evolve as human beings if we are exchanging our spirituality to the thin layer of our bodies or to the new iPhone, to the newest fancy shades, or to the trendy clothes, the new eye lashes, the new lip plumper, to the new boat, car, appartment and on and on. None of all those things are “bad”, what I’m saying is that we hear more about the new “iPhone” than about what makes us feel good about ourselves; what makes us tick; what makes us more alive.

Are we living or experiencing our spirituality like we could? Or are we just using that as another platform to get more likes on our social media accounts?

* I’m gonna stop this thought here, because I really wanna hear from you. What do you think is going on with our culture that has been hurting us to the point where some of us are deciding to take out their lives?

* I’m gonna conclude my point of view on my next post. I hope you join this conversation, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.



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