Image Addiction – III

You have to look within yourself to find God. – (Natalie Betito – TLC/Thoughts)

Continuing the content I’ve been sharing on my last 2 posts, I guess that we almost start to naturally ask the following questions to ourselves: – In a society that does not cultivate hope or faith, who’s gonna be the new Guru? Who’s gonna save us?

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine about who would be the new guru of our generation and we were reflecting on how many motivational speakers have been appearing since the 80’s. They became more famous now due to the social media, but they were always there with their powerful speeches, challenging people to do the impossible and even selling a dream.

Of course you already have watched the movie The Secret or even had read the book under the same name. For sure you know who Deepak Chopra is or at least had already heard about the book The Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle. But you know what, none of that literature or movie can do much for you. For sure they are inspiring and can bring something new to your thought, but in fact your attitudes are your “saviours” and  actually are gonna bring a new light for you.

And I’m very sorry to say that, but it won’t be through the lens of your iPhone that you’re gonna find yourself, find your peace of mind, the feeling of contentment, faith or hope. I like what was posted on the Dalai Lama’s Facebook page these days:

“It’s so important to cultivate an attitude that allows you to maintain hope. Hope can make a great difference to how you responds to problems and difficulties. The most fundamental aspiration of all human beings is to seek happiness, to overcome suffering. You may go to bed at night confronted by many problems in your life, but it’s hope that motivates you to get out of bed and carry on with your life next morning.”

Only through your inner-journey of self-realization you’re gonna be able to find happiness and joy. And for that maybe you’re gonna have to do all the things you’ve been avoiding or delaying lately like meditating, spending some time with nature, going out to meet new people, changing your diet, hearing new songs, breaking your habits, going out of your comfort zone; challenging yourself, being vulnerable, daring to be your authentic self.

And if you are on the path of raising hope inside of yourself and wanting to see Life in a different color pallet, my suggestion for you is even more rad, I’d suggest you to gather with people that can add something new to your day, even if they look completely different from you, even if you don’t agree a 100% with them. These are the people that we have to surround ourselves with. Through our differences there’s more room to expand who we are, to try a new way of thinking, or even just to give ourselves a chance to appreciate and respect other’s peoples choices and opinions. And that’s ok.

Nobody needs to be like us, and it’s good to be around people that bring a new light, that can show us another way to look at things, these are actually the people that make us grow. And we need that more than ever before. Inside that space between you and another person lies the answers of all our questions: life and intent happen when we open the door and invite others to come in to our lives. (There’s no other way)

By connecting to others we create a powerful chain of energy that allow us to hear and be heard, to support and be supported, to love and be loved, to be happy and enjoy life as it is. So starting from today – what can you do to expand your Life and love who you trully are?

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