Be Yourself | Embrace your shadows

Today was one of those days I woke up not feeling at my highest good, and that’s absolutely normal, right? As human beings we go through so many things during the day, that it’s completely ok to experience low energy or uncertainty once in a while. But today I felt something different in the air, I even got a phone call from an acquaintance willing to share his observations, his thoughts on how people are behaving on their social networks.

He mentioned Facebook and Instagram to be more specific and how people are doing whatever it takes to get more likes or calling attention to themselves. That’s not news for any of us, we know that “getting likes” on social media is the new drug. Amongst with drinking, shopping, gambling, doing drugs and smoking, expecting to be liked and “celebrated” on these social networks apparently make people feel worthy, loved. There are also scientific researches that show that our brain reacts the same way by doing drugs or getting likes. No joke.

Can you see the gap here? The reason why people are looking for validation on their social networks is mainly the same as doing drugs: because they are feeling lonely, empty inside, and now you can add on top of that the fact that the life they have been creating on their virtual world doesn’t represent who they really are. Take a deep breathe now. Ya… it’s that bad. There are 6 billion people living on this planet and even nowadays when there’s no walls between different cultures, there’s no separation between people, if they really wanna communicate with each other there are many different ways to do that and there’s still people feeling lonely, empty and rejected.

Apparently our education wasn’t enough to provide the life of our dreams, our dream job is not what we believed to be, our relationships are somehow fading away, religion has betrayed our faith in the name of controlling, status and fear… So what lasts for us?


I strongly believe that the best days of our lives are when we look at things and can make the most of what we already have. Our existence on this planet is based on duality: sometimes we feel really creative and happy but then suddenly doubt and fear arise. And because we weren’t taught to appreciate and celebrate our own darkness we feel that we are lost, not good enough, or that we don’t fit in. But our sadness, our loneliness, our doubts lead us to find another exit door, to create possibilities, to go out, then we connect and then here we are: happy again.

By experiencing our bad times to the fullest we allow ourselves to find the best of us that is underneath the surface. In the end of the day what really works for us to thrive is allowing our darkest moments to happen. Embrace your shadows, validate your feelings, cry if you will, curse, scream, let it out!!! Then feel the complaisant sound of your heartbeat reminding you that life happens in every heartbeat, every breathe you take, every blink of an eye, every sound outside.

Go out, trust Life, there’s always more for you, there’s always a miracle outside. What’s next? ✨

I’m at peace with myself and I accept that there are gonna be good and bad days, and beyond that everything is always well. I am safe.

Let’s look around us for a second and see that there’s more people out there suffering. What can you do today to reach out for the ones that are in need?

Our very purpose in life is serving others, I know you can go out of your sadness and make a diference to the world. Just be yourself.

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Why fit in, if you were born to stand out?

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