Why mentoring is the best practice for you?

.:. You can enhance your performance by identifying your core abilities.
Activate your strengths and let your inner power shine through your actions. The more confident version of yourself is awaiting for you. Send me a text message and let’s walk this path together.

.:. Every client has his/her own goals in life, therefore we can discuss what’s the appropriate length of time or program that fits your needs.

.:. My mentoring sessions are done by phone calls only (Telegram or WhatsApp).

.:. Each session is designed to last 45 minutes tops or so.

.:. An exciting life starts with a single step.

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– CrystalH

.:. Have you ever felt disconnected from your true self? Have you ever felt out of balance almost like you don’t belong here? The Crystalhealing sessions are one the most ancient healing practices that exist. It is said that it started with the natives in Siberia but there’s also evidences from the Egyptian Civilizations and old Tibetan scriptures attesting this healing practice as a big part on their traditional medicine that is still in use today. You can do some research and find great scientists like Nikola Tesla that endorse the power of crystals as energy conductors. So why not giving it a try and just relax knowing that you can restore your health and your balance just by laying down on the comfort of your bed and allowing me to work on your energy field? Why not?

Crystalhealing benefits:

– Body relief
– Pain reduction
– Mental Clarity
– Spiritual Reconnection
– Alignment
– Increase of self-esteem, confidence, joy and bliss
– Insights, guidances and visions (3rd eye activation)
– Energy boost
– Calmness and relaxation

What would you like to enhance from the list above?

.:. Each session is designed to last 120 minutes.

.:. This session can be done by distance. (Reiki session + follow up)

– Reiki sessions

The Reiki sessions are done by distance and they last 45′ to 60 minutes. On the designed date and time I’m going to ask you to just sit back, relax and listen to the song I’m going to send you through WhatsApp or Telegram. You don’t actually need to do anything except from relaxing your body completely and breathing slowly. After the session, preferably on the next day I’m going to follow up with you to check how did you feel during the session, and if you had had any messages, insights, dreams or clarifications. Although the sessions are done by distance, the body sensations are very real and tangible.

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