Hi! Have you ever had to face a break up or a divorce? If you did and you’re still here, congratulations! You’ve got to the next phase of the game. It’s not easy to recover from heated arguments, slammed doors, abuse, rejection and unfulfilled dreams. It’s like having life’s route shifted without knowing where toContinue reading “Relationships”

It’s not you, it’s me.

“You’re damn right it’s me!” How can you not laugh at George Constanza’s lines (click on the video and watch him saying that, it’s hilarious). If you’ve been born after the 90’s it’s possible that you’ve missed this great character from a famous sitcom called Seinfeld. What apparently looks like an excuse to brake up, in realityContinue reading “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Single / Taken / Taking Over The World

Tell me how many times you have to “swipe right” until you have a real healthy relationship? Oh yeah I’m gonna talk about how the concept of love and respect has been mixed up with grip and contempt. Welcome to the “human menu” where you can swipe right for all your instant needs and swipeContinue reading “Single / Taken / Taking Over The World”