A Body In Motion Stays In Motion

The other day I was chatting to a friend of mine when suddenly he said something that rang the bells in my mind. After months living on the mountains, far from the heat and the active life of San Diego, he's finally back to his home town. It is true that a good weather helpsContinue reading “A Body In Motion Stays In Motion”

Be The Change

How many times you got caught up in a tough situation having to decide between being happy and making other people happy? Are you the “people pleasing” type willing to belong and be accepted by the entire world? Recently I started to reread a book I bought a few months ago called Habits of aContinue reading “Be The Change”

How to start changing your life

I'd like to ask you a question: How many times per week do you exercise? That New Year's resolution was only another wish on your list or did you really get committed to your goal? If the answer is: -"I'm gonna start exercising tomorrow", I wouldn't like to say that, but we have a problem.Continue reading “How to start changing your life”